Your Guide to Cheap Luxury Holidays

Oma H. Barnett

Are you on a tight budget right now but want to travel? Contrary to what you may think, being low on budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have the vacation that you want. There are so many ways to get cheap luxury holidays and these are your ticket to one of your most unforgettable getaways.

First of all, think about all the major expenses that come with travelling. List them down on a paper, one by one. Your list may show something like this:

1. Airfare
2. Hotel
3. Transportation on day trips
4. Food and drinks
5. Tour/Activities

Keep in mind that how much you spend on these items will reveal how costly your tour will be. You don’t have to be broke once you get back from your holiday so, to save cash from your travel expenditures, follow these tips:

Tip 1: – Accommodation and flight tickets are the two major expenses when it comes to luxury holidays. These two make up most of the total expenditures so you must find good deals for them. Special deals are always offered, you just have to know where to find them.

Tip 2: – Take note, that flying by plane is not the only alternative to get to your destination. Cruise ships, trains, and even the bus can be the cheaper option.

Tip 3:– Rather than choosing popular travel destinations, why don’t you go to other places that are not commonly visited by backpackers? Besides, it can be more exciting to see sites that are not yet discovered or seen by most people.

Tip 4: – If you are not travelling alone, go for package deals. There are tour packages especially offered for families or couples. Touring in groups is one way to get big savings on hotels and airfares.

Tip 5: – Go online and see what is being offered. Visit airline websites as well as official sites of hotels and see their rates. Compare prices and then go for the one that you can afford and serve your needs.

Tip 6: – If it is alright with you, go for accommodation that offers bed and breakfast. Or better yet, choose a hotel where the rate already includes all the meals for the duration of your stay. This is not just very convenient but will trim down your expenses by a good percentage.

Tip 7: – In case food is not included in your hotel accommodation, eat in restaurants nearby. And if eat-all-you-can is available, go for it. You and your family can enjoy big meals for less.

Tip 8: – If you are on vacation with your family, especially if you have kids, go to grocery and stock on snacks. In that way, you will avoid buying food and drinks at the hotel which are very expensive compared to grocery stores.

Finally, for cheap luxury holidays, plan your vacation around your budget. Read travel brochures and call travel companies so you can find out about the rates and special offers. These tips will also make sure that you will not just have an affordable, luxurious vacation but well-organized too.

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