Rhodes Holidays Tour to Rhodes National Theatre

Oma H. Barnett

Among all Greek islands, Rhodes is one of the most beautiful island and posses its own cultural and historical importance. In Mediterranean region it is considered to be a popular resort and favourite tourist destination.

Rhodes Island is blessed with unlimited attractions – both natural and man made. One should go for a long Rhodes Holidays trip in order to experience this island’s beauty and culture to the fullest. If you want to make your holidays memorable for a long period of time you must visit this island at least once in a life.

The beautiful sea shores, marvellous nightlife, natural beauty, amazing sun shines, awesome parks and last but not least friendly atmosphere will make your holidays unforgettable. In short Rhodes Holidays will completely change your idea of a vacation.

Different Rhodes Holidays ideas will refresh you completely. Rhodes Island has some amazing tourist infrastructures. One of these great infrastructures is the Rhodes National Theatre.

National Theatre of Rhodes:

National Theatre of Rhodes is an impressive building located on the Town Hall Square. The area is a unique combination of different styles. The building has been constructed in a fascistic and international style.

History of the building:

National Theatre Of Rhodes was built around 1937 and its architect is not known. The building was known as Teatro Puccini and was a modern building and theatre of that time. The design of the theatre makes it suitable for opera performances.

The theatre was built during the time of Italian domination and in the honour of Italian composer. The history of theatre is really fascinating and it has been a centre of Italian operas

The building must be given a visit during Rhodes Holidays.

Architecture of the Theatre:

Those who have some understanding of architecture will find it very imposing and remarkable achievement. Not only historians’ and architects but also the local people and travellers find it magnificent and must plan a trip to the theatre during their holidays.

National Theatre Of Rhodes is an example of the cannabic technology and has been made using glass bricks. An impressive part of the whole structure is the performance hall which is very well built. The hall is very long and high. It has theatre boxes, a bar and a balcony.

Today the imposing structure is used as a cinema and theatre and is one of the cultural heritages of Rhodes Town. The building is magnificent and must be visited during your trip to Rhodes.

Activities at the Theatre:

The National theatre of Rhodes is a cultural centre where folk’s representations and performances are arranged from time to time. If you are going for Rhodes Holidays with family or friends or even alone, the place will provide great entertainment.

The theatre of Rhodes provides all time fun and is best place to spend entertainment filled time at the beautiful island of Rhodes.

Rhodes is best holiday destination for people having different tastes and interest and also for those who belongs to different places of world. Adults, youngsters in fact people belonging to all age groups are attracted towards Rhodes Holidays. No matter you want fun or some calm environment, Rhodes will be the ideal place for you. If you want to have a memorable, outstanding and energetic place to spend your holidays then Rhodes is the best place for you.

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