Booking Your Vacation – Why Not Visit The Beautiful Country Of Northern Cyprus

Oma H. Barnett

Many of us are now trying to seek out new and exciting destinations for our holidays each year, destinations that are off the beaten track but yet somewhere we can have a relaxing time, be welcomed and feel safe. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon one of these destinations then you may find that it is difficult to get to or overly expensive but very rarely do you find a place that is unspoilt yet developed, accessible and affordable, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is one such place. Ever since the unrest in 1974 between the Turks and the Greeks the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been off of many people’s holiday radar as there have been no diplomatic relations between countries and the TRNC, it has not been advertised as a holiday destination and many people believed it impossible to get to. It is more accessible now than it has been since the troubles of 1974 and it truly is one of the most beautiful, friendly and unspoilt holiday destinations that are left in and around Europe. So why would you chose to go to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on vacation?

So many places that you go to on holiday in this day and age have been spoilt by the mass commercialisation that seems to be taking over the planet, as well as this everywhere seems to offer very similar things as all of the vacation destinations that are available, it really is a rare treat to find a destination that has been untouched by the commercialization of tourism and is so unspoilt.

Flying to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus used to be a major headache for travellers with only a real hardcore of tourists ever venturing there but all of that has changed in recent years with more and more airlines flying there from most UK airports. This being said you still are not allowed to fly direct to the TRNC as it is still not an officially recognized country so whatever flight you take has to first land in Turkey, the only country that does acknowledge the TRNC and then take off for Ercan airport.

Ercan airport in the TRNC is a fantastic new state of the art airport that was first opened approximately 4 years ago and has all of the wonderful facilities that you would expect of a larger international airport. The TRNC really are gearing up for a large influx of tourists once the sanctions against their country have raised, which should happen sooner rather than later.

The TRNC itself is a wonderful country, beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and spectacular mountains and is home to some of the most wonderful people that you will ever meet. Considering that the country has been in the diplomatic wilderness for over 30 years now it really is a pretty remarkable place and a credit to its inhabitants when you see for yourself how beautiful and clean and tidy it is.

The beaches of the TRNC are spectacular with mile after mile of beautiful white powdery sand being lapped by the crystal blue green sea. The Pan Handle are of the TRNC is a totally unspoilt area in the North East of the island and really is totally unspoilt as nobody is allowed to build on it. There is no electricity and the only places to stay if you choose to visit are what can be best described as garden sheds with beds in. Putting the accommodation aside it is one of the most awe inspiring places that you will ever visit and night it gets even better as because there is no light pollution you get to see the most amazing nights sky that you may ever be lucky enough to visit.

Because the tourist industry is still very much in its infancy it is still relatively cheap to pick up a second hone there or a holiday home, there are more and more properties being built there but strict building laws are in place to ensure that unsightly buildings do not spoil the island. If you are thinking of buying a property abroad and you enjoy the quieter life then maybe the TRNC could be the place for you.

The TRNC is getting cheaper and cheaper to get to and it is still totally unspoilt, it may not stay that way for ever so it might be worth getting over there as soon as possible to see for yourself.

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