What is a Gap Year Job?

Oma H. Barnett

What are you doing after school? Most young people, when they are getting ready to graduate from high school or college, are faced with many questions, the least of which is, “What is next?” For some students, continuing education immediately is the first and only thing to do. Other students go right to work. But, for some, there is another choice. They can take a gap year job and experience life in another culture while working and travelling at the same time.

A gap year job is not just getting on a plane to some far away country and working in a pub. There is much more to it than that. There are now companies that will help organize a vocational situation for you from beginning to end, so that you are going to a good and rewarding job, are well-fed, and taken care of, and you are still able to travel.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that a year abroad working will be all work and no play. Most gap year job placements are in educational settings, so you will have the same days off as the students. When school is over for them, the road is yours to travel.

A gap year job can take place in many different countries – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, or even South America. Wherever you go, you will learn many new ideas, ways of looking at things you already know, not to mention meet new people. The friends you make during your year abroad you will never forget.

You only have your youth once and what a great time to get away from everything you know and test yourself out in a new culture and a new country. Almost everyone who has taken this year off will tell you how rewarding and wonderful it was, something that they will cherish forever.

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