On Our Next Trip – Why Should We Stay at a Bed and Breakfast?

Oma H. Barnett

Why stay at a Bed and Breakfast anyway?

A good question… why should you even consider a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) vs. other places to stay… after all, the last place where you stayed… seemed… OK! Besides, there are plenty of hotels or motels where you are headed… or along the way… you could easily pick one of them… right?

Sure… sure… I used to ask myself that each time I/we were about to travel for business and/or pleasure… or… even when we decided to go on a self rewarded-weekend “get-away trip”… So when we checked further into lodging at a B&B, we found out some interesting things.

For example, there are a lot more B&Bs to choose from now… when we first started looking, the B&B selection as to location, type of B&B, room availability, price, amenities, etc. was pretty limited.

There are a lot more of them out there now, so when we decided where we wanted to visit… and if we wanted to stay at a B&B… well, there was usually one near by.

Also, we found out that just as in any other traditional place to stay (such a hotel or motel) B&Bs vary as to what they had to offer… it all depended on what we were looking for or what we wanted!

Now days you can usually find one just about anywhere you decide to travel or need to travel.

Since we are talking about where B&Bs are located, let me pass along this tip… the fastest way to locate a B&B is on the internet… many homes have internet these days (or homeowners can easily have access to the net)… so when you pick out the place where you are going to be traveling/visiting… chances are there will be one in the area.


This is all verify interesting, but if you are like me, I still needed solid reasons why I should stay at a B&B for the next vacation, family gathering, business trip, or whatever!

As anyone knows (especially those who surf the net), there are numerous articles on the internet about travel… and many about B&Bs… including the basic “in home” B&Bs to the more palatial… former mansions, where families actually lived… that have now been converted to a B&B.

However, most of those articles (and in many cases video) tell you what a wonderful time you and your family, relatives, friends, etc. will have if you stay at their B&B (and you probably will)… plus, they go on about all of those great things the B&B has to offer!

Basically though, all those articles (and/or videos) are advertisements that try to convince you to stay there when you visit the area.

So why write about B&Bs?

My wife and I live in the Atlanta, GA area and have an “in home” Bed & Breakfast… now we would love for you to come and stay with us, but we both know that probably will never happen… and that’s OK, because whether you “do or don’t stay with us (or at a B&B) you can still benefit from this the article.

It was written so that when you take that next trip, and no matter where you travel… you will think about staying at a B&B, especially if you have never stayed in one before!

For us, we find a B&B wherever we traveling to and stay there… so I would highly recommend them.

In addition, even though the economy is not as good as it has been in the past, people are still traveling (and traveling a lot), both for business or pleasure… and especially on holidays for the family reunion.

So, hopefully, this article will get you (the traveler/s) to realize that there are other places to stay that previously, you might have overlooked.

Regardless of where you are headed and irrespective of why you are going there, just keep in mind that are many good reasons why you should stay in a B&B… reasons I would be glad to share with you.

By the way, most of the reasons are not mine… they were not thought of by me… rather, they were passed along by guests, who over the years have stayed with us… and they came up with some good ones!

If I can be of any help or for more information, just contact me… and remember this:

Think about staying at a B&B on that next trip… you will be glad you did!

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