Down and Out Camping – I’m Out to See the World Wherever

Oma H. Barnett

Camping comes in varieties of form, and is held on different locations. It could be held on your rooftop or yard, or far out there in the back woods or in the wilderness. Millions of people go out camping for enjoyment, and there is nothing quite like camping in the countryside rich with lush mountain trails, wilderness areas and fine lakes, and streams.

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the surroundings. It is even far less expensive than leisure in a hotel or a motel. It is an adventure into the unknown.

Who ever said that camping in the country side also comes with the price of discomfort? Country side camping experience could be very well enjoyed like camping in an impromptu area, but there are also available dedicated area campsites with all the constructed improvements and facilities.

Dedicated camping areas

The emergence of country side public camping areas offers a quiet convenient relaxing location, with comfortable amenities and numerous attractions nearby. There are also camper cabins that provide the outdoor enjoyment while sleeping on a comfortable bed. Technology and creativity are fused with environment’s natural beauty to provide an unforgettable classic camping experience for the modern population. Dedicated area campgrounds commonly has the following amenities: Fireplaces, pit toilets, road access, picnic tables, potable water, bathrooms, convenient shower and toilet, utility hook-ups, convenience store, reservations for the availability of the location, wood for campfire, parking lots, and garbage bins.

Camping Caravans

However there is a more exciting way to enjoy country side camping, and that is through camping caravans. With several friends lined up, you can travel across different places all throughout camping caravan locations. There are actually available caravan parks which are chains of campgrounds with parking for recreational vehicles. One can enjoy camping and travel all at once.

Backcountry Camping

There are also backcountry camping which are common in National Parks. These areas are only to be reached and enjoyed by traveling on foot or through horseback riding. There are designated zones for camping areas, which have a determined limit of campers that are allowed to settle on the site per night.

There are strict regulations for food storage and for the protection of resources. Generally open fires are not allowed. All cooking should only be made with small handy stoves. These campsite zones ask for free permit that can be obtained at ranger stations and visitor centers

Camping outside a selected campsite zone is forbidden by law. However in some countries camping in public lands are allowed.

It could be camping impromptu in the beach, in the mountains, valleys and wilderness or camping at the designated areas with a roof over your head; camp on foot or with wheels. There are so many where’s and how’s in camping to satisfy your longing for thrill or relaxation.

Everyone should go out to camp once in a while to stop and take some time to savor the beauty of this world that is often unnoticed as we get caught up by the daily routines of our busy lives.

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