Choosing a Place to Stay in Disney World

Oma H. Barnett

Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, attracts millions of people from all over the world every year, and is the world’s largest and most visited recreational resorts. If you and your family are planning on taking a trip to the Magic Kingdom, choosing the right place to stay should add to the fun for your family. Disney World offers resorts in which guest can stay in for their trips and it’s only a short distance from other attractions such as Miami.

When choosing the right resort for your family, you should take the advantages and disadvantages for on-site and off-site hotels/resorts into consideration.

Probably the most important thing to take into consideration is your budget. When you go to Disney, you will want to have a great time without worrying about budget. And if you are spending way too much on your accommodations, you might be able to spend more money on activities, gifts and souvenirs, or any other things you may want to purchase.

Usually, the off-site accommodations are bigger and better and are the same price or lower. But, parking can also be costly, especially if you are planning on returning to the resort more than once. That is where the on-site accommodations are better, because if you staying on-site, parking is always free for guests. Also, of the off-site hotels offer shuttle services that can take, but some of the cost.

For last minute reservations, the off-site accommodations would work out better. This is because a lot of people book their on-site resort reservations way in advance, so rooms are not always readily available. But, there are a lot more off-site choices, so you will most likely find something very suitable for your family.

If you and your family are planning on visiting other attraction, other than the four inside of Walt Disney World, the off-site accommodations would be better. Getting to and from the theme park can be a hassle and, if you’re already off of the grounds, getting to other restaurants and attractions is easier.

Staying on the Walt Disney World grounds means that you will surrounded by the Disney “magic” the whole time. If you do, or don’t, want this experience, should be a factor when choosing the right place for your family to stay.

An advantage that on-site accommodations have over the off-site ones is the service. Walt Disney World is well known for its top-of-the-line service from the whole staff and amenities. The staff at an off-site accommodation may not know as much about the theme park as the staff that actually works there. So, if your family is looking for the best service, the Walt Disney World resorts will be the best option.

Off-site accommodations usually offer discounts for other restaurants and attractions, while the theme restaurants can be substantially more expensive.

All of the accommodations available in or around Walt Disney World are different. Doing research to figure out which one satisfies all of what your family wants and needs from a vacation to Walt Disney World. There are also many attractions around Walt Disney World, and making stops at places like Miami, Kissimmee, and etc. can make a great road trip.

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