Cabo San Lucas – Wonderful Vacation Spot All Year

Oma H. Barnett

Cabo San Lucas, most commonly known as Cabo, is another city on the coast of Mexico. Among all the cities, Cabo San Lucas Mexico is the most popular tourist destination spot in Mexico. White sandy beaches, beautiful sights, historic architecture and great hotels are only some of the things you will be able to experience in the city of Cabo.

Sunbathing. No one goes to a Mexican beach without sun tanning even for a day. With a view of the sapphire ocean and the soft sand beneath your feet, lying down on your back at the beach is definitely a must-do while you are in Cabo San Lucas on vacation. Besides bathing in the sun, you can also experience the water by taking some diving sessions that are offered beach side.

Whale watching. While this activity may not be on the top of your list, whale watching is another activity you can’t miss out on when in Cabo. San Jose is known to be the perfect place for whales to give birth due to its shallow waters and abundance of food. This is also the reason why a lot of the species of whales migrate to Cabo from December to March, which can be a sight to behold for any spectator.

Booze cruise. If you are looking to live on the wild side even for a night, then the Cabo Booze Cruise is something you must definitely do. Popular among youths on spring break, a booze cruise is basically a cruise ride off the coast of Cabo where the partying is non-stop with copious amounts of alcohol during the trip. Music, dancing, drinking contests and the chance to mingle with other people are the top reasons to enjoy this part of your trip.

The Nightlife. After the sun sets, there are still plenty of things you can do in Cabo. This city is known for its party scene with a number of bars, discos and lounge-style bars you can choose from. Just so you know, it can get very loud as music will be constantly blasting away from all angles. So, if you are quite sensitive to noise, it would be best if you avoided the bar scene in Cabo.

Finally, Cabo San Lucas can be fun for the whole family. Besides the activities mentioned, you can also go sport fishing, boat riding, sailing and be with your entire family on a banana boat ride on the water. The weather in Cabo is always constant balmy wonder, which makes it an ideal tourist destination spot all year round.

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