Why A Gorilla Safari Is Still One Of The Best Tours In East Africa

Oma H. Barnett

A gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda will still be one of the top adventurous safaris in Africa because of the fact the the gorilla is found in only 3 countries. The mountain gorilla is so endangered that its survival to the next century is very questionable.The recent killings of the mountain gorillas in the Virungas of Congo had reduced the number of gorillas further.

Tracking the gorillas of Uganda can be done in Bwindi forest National park and Mgahinga National Park. Bwindi is widely termed as impenetrable because of its thick thickets and rather impassable routes. The tropical rain forest is home to these gorillas and other species. Forest birding and nature walks around the park is also adventurous.

A permit to see the gorilla of Uganda and Rwanda costs USD 500, part of which goes to the conservations efforts of these endangered apes. Gorilla tracking is done on a daily basis with different tracking groups, the Mubare , Habinyinja, Nkuringo and Rushegura. Its very important to book your permit at least 3 months before your safari to Uganda. A gorilla permit is paid separately at the Uganda Wildlife Authority offices through your tour operator. Note that UWA does not allow payments by credit card hence making it hard to book it by yourself.

The one hour spent with the the gorilla has always made it the best adventure ever in Uganda and probably, East Africa. The gorilla with its big romantic brown eyes is too exciting. The Silver back, head of the family affirms that in every home, there is need for a head of the house.

You can supplement your gorilla trekking tour with a visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park where you can see wildlife at its best, or visit Murchison Falls National Park for the falls viewing. Cultural tours and Rwenzori mountains hiking can also be done after your gorilla safari in Uganda.

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