Travel to Zakynthos for Idyllic Greek Island Holidays

Oma H. Barnett

Greek island holidays conjure up images of hot weather and glorious beaches. With trips to Zakynthos, visitors can enjoy just that – and so much more. Perfect for experiencing a taste of real Greece, the island was once described as Il Fiore de Levante – or the flower of the east – capturing the natural beauty it is famous for.

The island, also known as Zante, is home to an amazing array of terrain in a relatively small area, being just 19 by 38 km in size. To the north and west, holidaymakers will be able to see wilder, more mountainous areas, while the south is comprised of picturesque beaches and wooded areas.

Lying to the south of Kefalonia, Zakynthos enjoys a temperate climate that matches its residents’ unhurried way of life. Those on a break here will find that this makes for the perfect holiday atmosphere – and that they can relax while discovering authentic Greek culture and scenes.

Gerakas is a great place to start an exploration of the island. Home to an endangered species of loggerhead turtle, you will find the area is part of the National Marine Park, dedicated to preserving the habits – and the lives – of the species. Those interested in learning more about the turtles, which are unique to Greece, can visit the local information centre.

Meanwhile, the area’s hilly terrain and stretches of wood lend themselves to cycling, which is a wonderful way to unwind and view the astonishing scenery on offer.

And there are similarly amazing scenes to be viewed from the sea. Leaving from the village of Keri, visitors can take a boat trip to discover the beautiful Keri sea caves, as well as to glimpse some of the underwater world by diving.

Back on land, Keri itself should be explored. Featuring traditional, old buildings, this area is a window into the island’s past and is a real treat for those keen to experience some authentic Zakynthos culture.

The village of Limni Keri, within walking distance from Keri, is home to a beautiful beach with calm seas and soft sand that is perfect for families and couples. There is also a wooded area surrounding the village which is ideal for languid afternoon walks.

Zakynthos is ideal for Greek island holidays, offering a relaxed atmosphere and experiences of authentic local culture.

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