Top 5 Disney Vacation Tips – Turn Your Disneyland Holiday Into the Trip of a Lifetime!

Oma H. Barnett

Let’s face facts, many of us are yet to experience the magic of a Disneyland holiday. However we should all visit Disneyland or Disney World at least once in our lifetime!

For those of you who have never been, here are some Disney Vacation Tips to ensure you get the most out of your Disneyland holiday:

1) Although many of us love getting a last minute deal when it comes to holidays, never try and do this for a visit to Disney! It can actually work out far more expensive. It’s always best to try and book at least 6 months in advance to ensure you get the best deals and a choice of resort.

2) Always stay at a Disney Hotel or property. This way you can enjoy the additional perks, such as transportation, Magical Express and extra magic hours.

3) Always do your research before you go. Buy a good guide book or check out the internet for further information. You should always plan out your daily activities. As there is so much to see and do, if you turn up disorganized, you will end up missing out on lots of treats that you wish you hadn’t.

4) Try and make reservations for dinner everyday. As you can probably guess, the restaurants are packed full of other holiday makers. Unless you want to spend your whole trip eating fast food, don’t expect to just walk into a restaurant and get a table!

5) Make sure you get a Disney Fast Pass. These are available to everyone at the theme parks and are completely free. By having a fast pass, you can drastically reduce your waiting times on the most popular attractions.

There are so many more Disney Vacation Tips I can share with you, but please follow these 5 to ensure you have some wonderful memories that will last forever.

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