Manjagao Mangrove Forest: Marine Life Sanctuary And The Impressive Day – Asan Floating Villages

Oma H. Barnett

Many of us loves the sea and we explore relentlessly the diversified marine life that lives in the vast ocean. People always find contentment in the comfort of the open sea. But at this very moment, allow me to depict one of the admirable making of the ecosystem, the mangroves forest that serve as nesting area for various aquatic species and a floating village. These places can still be found in Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, Philippines.

Manjagao Mangrove Forest – this is one of nature’s most interesting habitats and it is the ultimate cradle of marine life and a sanctuary of various species of fish. Riding a paddle boat along the naturally curved channels of water amidst the emerald colored lush of mangrove trees will gives you some kind of extraordinary experience and different level of excitement. The visible rich coral undergrowth is an island tropical treat which is rarely experienced by any human beings. Embrace the awesome feelings as you let the warm greetings of the sea-breeze welcomes you with fascination. Be sensible to the gentle song offered by the mangroves leaves. An inimitable height of exhilaration and joy awaits you in this marine life dreamland. You will find true harmony in the shoulder of Manjagao mangroves forest; one of the most dreamed tourist attraction by nature lover individual. It is almost an hour of travel via pump boat from the seaport of Surigao city.

Day-asan Floating Villages – listen to the whisper of the river and the clapping of the mangroves leaves. Close your eyes and feel the comfort of the unique paradise. Ride on a paddle boat and watch those peculiar stilt houses wonderfully erected along the surroundings of mangroves. It is popularly known to many as “The Venice of Surigao.” The clarity of sight created by the villager’s houses that perpendicularly built on wooden stilts and bedded rocks will delightfully welcome you with amazement. The way the villagers commute with their paddle boats through waterways will also cater new level of experience as your gentle spirit could ever imagine. Feel the abundance that comes from heaven and enjoy the serenade of nature. The floating village is accessible by land or by sea in about 30 minutes from the city.

Enjoy life with more meaning and allow yourself to acquaint with other unique scenery. Don’t just sit in one corner waiting for the sun to set. Instead, filled your life with so much vigor and embrace the serenity of the loving environment.

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