Family Holidays in La Manga Del Mar Menor

Oma H. Barnett

Family vacations in La Manga Del Mar Menor boast adventure, culture and relaxation all in one exciting trip. The famous strip along the southeastern coast of Spain offers activities which appeal to both young and old. The region’s cuisine, warm waters and recreational activities make it the perfect place for a family vacation.

La Manga Del Mar Menor consists of a 22 kilometer strip of land between Spain and the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its unique location, it encloses Europe’s largest saltwater lake, Mar Menor. It’s temperature is considerably warmer than its larger cousin, the Mediterranean Sea. The strip is a scant kilometer at its widest and 300 meters at its narrowest spot.

It size gives visitors the choice between two distinctive bodies of water in which to swim and play. The Mar Menor, which translates to “Little Sea,” is a favorite for those seeking family vacations. It’s been called “the world’s largest swimming pool” because of its warm temperature. Since it’s also shallow, it is an ideal spot for children to frolic.

La Manga Del Mar Menor is conveniently located near a number of major tourist destinations. It is situated just a few hours from major centers like Murcia and Cartagena. This means even more opportunities for families to explore the best of Spain. Both cities have a rich history which will interest children and adults alike. Museums, ancient ruins, cathedrals and landmarks beckon tourists on family vacations. Even the youngest family members will appreciate the Naval Museum in Cartagena and the Bullfighting Museum in Murcia.

The Torrevieja Water Park (Torrevieja Aquopolis) is also within a few hours drive of La Manga Del Mar Menor. The aqua park attracts tens of thousands of locals and tourists on family vacations from June to September each year. The theme park of Terra Mitica is also popular with families on vacation. It is located in Benidorm along the Costa Blanca across from La Manga Del Mar Menor.

Family vacation packages at the world famous La Manga Club resort on the Mar Menor take the guesswork out of holiday planning. Guests can choose from a variety of family-oriented activities. Many of its services are available to guests staying outside of the club as well.

Families also rave about the abundance of outdoor recreation available all along the Costa Blanca and the Mar Menor strip. Horseback riding is a popular option. Quad biking is another favorite. Rentals, equipment and lessons are available in various locations in the Mar Menor coastal region.

No family vacation in La Manga Del Mar Menor is complete without taking part in a water sport. The Mar Menor is an ideal spot for water recreation due to its shallow depth and balmy temperature. Kite-surfing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling are just a few of the many local favorites. Tours can be chartered at a number of locations along the coast and strip. Most of these have family-friendly options and can accommodate even the youngest of family members.

One of the biggest delights of any Spanish family vacation is enjoying local restaurants. Regional food is always embraced by tourists. It is characterized by local spices, exotic sea salts, fresh local produce, meat and fish. Many restaurants have kid-friendly options. If tourists can’t convince picky children to try Mediterranean food, there’s usually a pizza parlor nearby.

Many tourists come away surprised by the abundance of options available for family vacations in La Manga Del Mar Menor. In fact, a large percentage of vacationers return again and again to enjoy the family activities in the Mar Menor region.

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