Enjoy Your Holidays In The Vacation Capital Of The World: Montego Bay

Oma H. Barnett

Montego Bay is also popularly known as Mo Bay and is Jamaica’s famed “Second City”. It has taken the crown of most famous tourist destination and is also called as the vacation capital of the world. Even the rich and the famous are attracted to this beautiful city as they have their luxurious villas near the sea. Flights to Montego Bay like British Airways, Air Canada are easily available. The city has marvelous picturesque landscapes and low mountains that enthrall visitors coming here for a perfect vacation. The city stretches from greenwood in the east to Tryall Club in west. The city also comprises of gorgeous beaches with azure blue waters and mangrove wetlands.

Travelers who wish to enjoy the beauty of pristine beaches located here along with the unique atmosphere, must book cheap tickets to Montego Bay as soon as possible. Mo Bay is divided into the residential area and the tourist area. As the name suggests, the tourist area is the area where all the fun activities take place. The Sir Donald Sangster International Airport is the largest Jamaican airport. Cheap flight tickets to Motego Bay are fairly easy to find as due to the growing popularity of the destination as a vacation destination, many leading carriers are plying their services to this sector.

Tourists planning to visit this city will have an opportunity to experience the magnificent weather, fantastic atmosphere and incredible scenery. Several travel agencies give unbelievable offers on airfares to this amazing destination. The year- round warm climate attracts visitors in large numbers to this city par excellence. July and august are the hottest month, and January to march are the coldest months. The rains in this city are brief and soon after rains the city experiences warm sunshine. All these factors make the city a tourist friendly destination. December to April is the perfect time to visit to enjoy this island. Conversely, if a visitor is seeking complete relaxation on a sun lounger, then the perfect time would be to visit in October and November.

Visitors must plan accordingly and confirm their tickets on the cheap flight to Montego Bay. Last minute flights can also be booked for visitors who have firmed up their plans at the very last moment. The opportunity to explore the beaches and enjoy magnificent views of the mountains is not to be missed. A wide array of water based activities is available near the shoreline. The coral reefs protect the shoreline of the city from forces of currents and waves. The destination is also blessed with shallow and calm turquoise lagoons, forming the most productive area for the fishing industry. Moreover, the city is dotted with several beautifully landscaped parks and gardens where visitors can enjoy picnics with friends and family.

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