Deciduous Forests – Frequently Asked Questions

Oma H. Barnett

Do you ever have some interest in the deciduous forests? How much do you know about these natural forests? Have you ever wished to travel there for sightseeing? In this article, I would like to answer some questions which are frequently asked by people.

What’s the reason for the falling of leaves in the deciduous forests?

In autumn, the color of the trees will change to yellow as it becomes cooler. And when winter comes, the leaves will fall. The leaves of the plants in the temperate forests are light and wide. This allows the leaves to capture abundant sunlight which can help produce nutrients for the plants, with a larger surface. This feature is good when the weather is hot and humid. Nevertheless, when the temperature goes lower and lower, the cold weather would make the broad leaves lose too much moisture and get them damaged.

The season of autumn is a signal when the trees stop supplying water to the leaves and start to hibernate. Then the chlorophyll which can make the leaves green will not be able to be produced. The colors of yellow, red and gold are the likely colors that the leaves will probably turn to. The leaves begin to decay after falling down on the ground and owing to this the soil becomes very fertile.

Where to find the deciduous forests?

The temperate forests are often located between the polar zones and the tropics. You may find the temperate deciduous forests in the eastern regions of the USA and most parts of Europe and South America. The continent of Asia also has some deciduous forests distributed. The places where these forests exist usually have four distinct seasons: warm spring, hot and humid summer, cool autumn and a cold winter. Generally, there is also enough rain falling, about 90-180 cm throughout the year.

What are the plants and animals like in deciduous forests?

The species of livings in these forests are quite rich and they have all been well adaptable to the environment there. The kinds of trees of this biome range from hardwoods to evergreens, such as maple, oak, hemlock and spruce. There are also a great number of mammals, birds, insects and reptiles living in these temperate forests. However, as the interface of humans, many animals which used to be found frequently have been hunted down seriously and almost extinct. That’s really a pity.

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