Choosing an Orlando Vacation Home

Oma H. Barnett

When planning your holiday to Orlando, one of the most important decisions you can make is the type of vacation accommodation you choose, this can either make or break your holiday. Certain factors will dictate your preference such as how many people are in your group, location and budget.

Most visitors come to Orlando for one reason only, the abundance of attractions. Orlando is a large city and so the location of your accommodation will be an important factor, you don’t want to be too far from the action, especially if you are planning on heading there every day! Otherwise, be prepared to either get up very early in the mornings to get there in plenty of time or sat in the car for long journeys with your kids asking ‘Are we there yet’?

You might think booking into a motel or hotel will be the cheapest option, however, if you want a decent hotel close to the attractions, you will find the rates are much higher. Add to this food and entertainment costs, as you will either have to eat at the hotel or restaurants every day which can push up the cost of your holiday. Another disadvantage to staying in a hotel with your family is that space will be limited and you will be sharing only 1 or 2 rooms, not a lot of fun especially if your stay is for a week or longer. Everyone needs their privacy at times. Hotels can invariably be very noisy, either from other residents in and out of their rooms, the maid knocking early in the morning for room service or even the air conditioning!

There is a great alternative to hotel accommodation and that’s to rent a vacation home. Your family will have plenty more space to run around and spread out their belongings and if privacy is required you can take yourself off to your own room. A vacation home is a more realistic prospect for a family with children and any other larger group. Some have up to 6 bedrooms so everyone can stay under 1 roof without treading on each others toes.

Most Orlando vacation homes come with their own private pool and BBQ area providing secure surroundings for your children. If you don’t feel like going out one day, that’s fine, stay at home, watch TV or relax by the pool. You will have a lot more privacy as there won’t be anyone to wake you up in the morning for room service, no neighbors to complain if you’re a little too noisy and if you need to visit the bathroom during the night you won’t wake everyone else up in the process. Convenient in the evenings too, you can chill out at the house and won’t even have to entertain the children as they can watch TV in their own rooms. This time can be used to relax and energize yourself ready for the next trip to Disney World!

If there are a few of you, vacation homes can also work out better value. If you take the total cost of the rental home and divide it by the number of people per night it works out a lot more economical. Put the same number of people in a hotel and you will see the difference.

Eating out can soon push your spending up if every day. A rental home has all the conveniences of your own home, including a fully equipped kitchen, so take the opportunity to cook at home or arrange a BBQ, a much cheaper option. You could even invite some of the neighbors around and make some new friends.

When deciding on your holiday home check a few out before you make any decisions. Many of the Orlando vacation rental homes are furnished in a modern style and have all the conveniences you have yourself at home. You can get some great deals if you do some research first. A home with a private swimming pool, tasteful furnishings and individuality is not difficult to find.

Your trip to Orlando will be what you make it. Quality time with your family is precious and choosing an Orlando vacation home for this private time with them makes sense, for your family and your wallet.

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