A Travel Agent Career

Oma H. Barnett

A travel agent’s career can be regarded as people-oriented. It involves serving people and dealing with them harmoniously so they can be provided with the best possible quality of services. A travel agent’s main job is to arrange for whatever traveling needs you may have.

This professional is basically involved with doing business for your transportation. If you are going to a far away destination and you need to ride a plane to reach it, the travel agent is the one who arrange for your plane tickets and requirements. If you want to take a trip on water then a travel agent will deal with your cruise booking and tickets. Even if you are only taking a train to reach your destination, he will also be the one to arrange and settle your transportation needs. If you want a car ready to pick you up once have arrived on the place, he may also be the one to reserve for your car rental which you may also choose to use as your means of transport while touring around the city.

Your accommodation arrangement is also one of the things which are involved in the travel agent career. Depending on your needs and preferences the professional must find you a place where you will stay during your trip. If you want optimum comfort and luxury, you will be reserved a room in a 5 star hotel by your travel agent. If your budget cannot meet the cost of grand accommodation in hotels, the agent will find you a decent place to stay in inns and other lodging establishments that will provide you with great services but the cost is still within your means. Accommodation may also include the provision of meals and dining needs. If you are staying in a hotel you may choose to dine in the hotel’s dining facilities or you may also ask the travel professional to find you another restaurant or cafĂ© to dine. Your leisure and entertainment is also the business of a travel professional. Your outings and list of places to visit or your itinerary will also be determined for you.

This career may also specialize in just a single type of trip or tour. For newlyweds and couples who simply want private moments together in secluded places will find a travel agent who is adept at arranging trips to honeymoon destinations. If you are a company executive who needs to travel abroad to deal with business matters but have no time to arrange for it, you can hire a travel agent whose expertise is in business tours.

When pursuing this career, you have to have the will and be willing to work for longer periods than other professionals have. At times an agent will have full workload especially at peak periods for travelling such as on summer season and holidays.

Again as a people oriented career, being a travel agent will require you to be friendly and approachable because you have to have a good communication and relation with clients and other vendors I the industry.

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